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The ReVolution Has Arrived

How to Shoot

Click any image to enlarge.

Just frame the lungs (ball) from any angle

Shoot with tick marks as a “pin” sight or just frame the cage.

Quartering-away shot – frame both lungs – visualize rear edge of far side lung.

Elk vitals are slightly wider – shoot 25-yards between 20 and 30 yard tick marks or frame the lungs. Arrow will impact 1″ lower due to wider vital zone.

Turkey’s whole body is same width as deer vitals. Framing the enitre body = a center punch shot, or use 32-yard tick marks.

Whether puffed-up or not, turkey body is same width as deer vitals. No tick marks needed – wherever he fits = center punch shot.

Any paper target or small game animal can be shot with tick marks with an open view picture. The EZ V Sight is still a “pin” sight but indestructible and mathematically perfect.

Any object is shot easier with the open view.

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