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About the EZV Sight

The EZ V Sight’s V-Technology is the first Bowhunting Sight that mathematically eliminates the necessity of pre-ranging the distance of all regulated hunted game species by combining the precision calculated vital zone width of regulated hunted game species (X-Axis) with computer generated trajectory curves of your bow’s Feet Per Second speed (Y-Axis) on a V-Shape configuration creating a 1-step aiming and ranging process.

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I’ve had the sight for a couple years now. I’ve shot multiple 3D archery courses and it rocked them. No range finder needed. I’ve also shot two elk and multiple deer with the sight. It’s simple and easy to use. I would recommend it to anyone.


Video Tutorials

20-Yards Buck – No Rangefinder Required

How to Choose Correct FPS V-Insert

Elk 20-Yards – No Rangefinder Required

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