About The EZ V Sight | EZ V Sight

The reVolutionary 3-In-1 V-Technology Bowhunting Sight

3-In-1 Benefits, 1 Math-Magical Formula

The EZ V Sight’s V-Technology is the first Bowhunting Sight that mathematically eliminates the necessity of pre-ranging the distance of all regulated hunted game species by combining the precision calculated vital zone width of regulated hunted game species (X-Axis) with computer generated trajectory curves of your bow’s Feet Per Second speed (Y-Axis) on a V-Shape configuration creating a 1-step aiming and ranging process.

The EZ V Bow Sight’s V-Technology eliminates the necessity of ranging distance prior to aiming AND human error of accurately gauging distance before aiming and shooting. It also maximizes accurate shot placement in 1/10th the time of a traditional pin sight all in one-step. With the EZ V Bow Sight’s V-Technology, bowhunters are profoundly more enabled to eliminate target panic and wounded game animals due to human error associated with accurately ranging distance between the shooter and the target.


  • Snap-in the V-Insert for your bow’s FPS
  • Frame the animal’s rib cage between the inner walls of the “V” and
  • Shoot! E-Z!

No More Range Finders!

The World’s First Bowhunting Sight eliminates ranging distance prior to shot placement!

With the EZ V Sight, you no longer have to range the distance prior to drawing your bow. Distance ranging is already pre-calculated into the design of the V-configuration.

The speed of your bow determines the trajectory curve of your arrow’s path. The faster your bow, the shorter the V-configuration. Once the speed of your bow is determined, so is the trajectory curve. The configuration of the V is designed to follow that trajectory curve. When the V is raised to the degree where the inner walls of the V encompass the width of the vitals, the elevation of the bow’s trajectory path is matched. Thus, ranging distance is no longer relevant!

Bull’s Eye Every Time!

Alleviates Target Panic

The V-Technology’s unobstructed open-sight-view significantly alleviates target panic associated with trying to release the arrow simultaneously with holding steady a bobbing sight pin. You will naturally, instinctively and instantaneously experience unprecedented consistent shot placement at any random distance without the necessity of pre-ranging distance.

No More Fragile/Fuzzy Fiber Optic Pins!

Shoot accurately at any distance without the use of pins!

Once your EZ V Sight is properly sighted-in, you will be able to shoot accurately from any distance without the use of pins! Simply frame the vitals between the inner-walls of the V and shoot in the middle!

But that’s not all!

Use as a Traditional Pin Sight OR Shoot Using the V-Technology

Once you are sighted-in, you can choose to shoot using the V-Technology OR shoot using the Traditional Pin Sight method. The EZ V Bow Sight’s V-Technology is designed to give you the choice! Either way, you get instant accurate results! No more fuzzy pins for tired eyes!

EZ V Sight Advantages

  • Simultaneously pre-ranges distance AND aligns aiming point with precision shot placement in 1-step and in 1/10th the time of a traditional pin sight
  • 1 V-Insert for ALL regulated hunted game species
  • Indestructible & mathematically perfect “pin sight” for ANY target & ALL regulated hunted game animals
  • Eliminates human error of accurately ranging distance
  • Precision shot placement at random distances without the use of pins or rangefinders
  • Tick-Marks enable use as a traditional pin sight – but better
  • Unobstructed open-sight-picture alleviates target panic
  • No More fuzzy/fragile fiber optic pins for tired eyes
  • Neon chartreuse yellow-green V-Inserts for maximum low light shooting/hunting visibility conditions
  • Indestructible Machined Aluminum – weighs only 6.2 OZ
  • 1,000 times stronger than fiber optics
  • Sight-in takes minutes
  • RH/LH Reversible
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty

What are you waiting for? It’s E-Z!