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World’s First Bowhunting Sight

Distance Ranging V-Technology – How it Works

The EZ V Bow Sight is a mathematically- perfect, distance-ranging compound bow sight built on a stadiametric rangefinding system.

This patented distance-ranging V-Technology perfectly and mathematically ranges distance for all regulated hunted game species.  No more guessing.  No more rangefinder.

What is Stadiametric Rangefinding?

Stadiametric distance ranging is a method of ranging in which by using a reticle with stadia marks of a known angular spacing it can be used to find either the distance to objects of known size or the size of objects at a known distance. In either case, the known parameter (vital zone width) is used in conjunction with the angular measurement (trajectory curve), to determine the correct distance to the target quickly and within 5% margin of error.

Although stadiametric rangefinding is not a new concept, it is the first time it has been used in the application of bowhunting.

Stadiametric Rangefinding in the application of bowhunting works like this:

(1.) Feet Per Second Trajectory Curve = Angular spacing matched with trajectory (Image A Above)

(2.) Distance Stadia Marks =Distance in 10-yd increments: 20-yd, 30-yd, etc. (Image B Above)

(3.) Width Dimension of Target = 13.5 in. Vital Zone Width (Image C Above)

1. Feet Per Second Trajectory Curve

First, we created a computer- generated trajectory curve of your bow’s FPS (Y-Axis) and built it on a scaled V-Shape configuration now known as our V-Technology V-Inserts (See Image D below).

Image E above demonstrates how the speed of your bow (Feet Per Second) changes the trajectory curve of your arrow’s flight path to the animal’s vital zone impact point at known distances.

Notice how the arch of the V-Configuration is different from the 200 FPS V-Insert and the 300 FPS V-Insert demonstrating trajectory curves variances at different speeds. (See Images F & G below)

One (1) of our fourteen (14) computer generated V-Insert speeds will match your bow’s actual Feet Per Second perfectly.

FPS V-Insert Size Chart  

It is important to note that your bow’s factory rated speed will be different than your bow’s actual FPS.  Again, matching your bow’s actual  speed to the proper V-Insert is #1 key to the distance-ranging V-Technology!

2. Distance Stadia Tick Marks

Like any instrument equipped for stadia work, the V-Insert has two horizontal stadia marks spaced equal distance from the center of the V-Configuration (See Image H below).  

The top pair of Stadia Marks represent your 20-Yd “pins” moving down the V-Configuration to 30-Yds, 40-Yds, etc. 

3. Width of Target = 13.5″ Vital Zone Width

Finally, in the application of the EZ V Bow Sight’s Distance Ranging V-Technology, the assumed standard width of the target = the vital zone width (See Image I). 

When a standard value is assumed for a key target dimension (e.g., animal’s vital zone width = 13.5 inches), stadia marks can be set in the bowhunter’s field of view (V-Insert) which correspond to that dimension (vital zone width) at unknown distance ranges.

In this case, field testing included months of measuring and averaging the vital zone dimensions of several species of game animals including Whitetail deer, Mule deer, antelope, bear, mountain lions, goats and even Big Horn Sheep.  The results were pleasantly surprising.  The vital zone dimensions of most regulated hunted game animals are within 10% of each other. 

We took this now known vital zone width (X-Axis) and designed V-Shaped Inserts matching the known vital zone width measurements at 20-yds, 30-yds, 40-yds, etc.  creating and patenting the “World’s First Bowhunting Sight”

The bowhunter must simply practice the skill of judging when the stadia marks are framing/bracketing the target. (See Image J above)

At full draw, the bowhunter determines where the target (vital zone width) fits horizontally within the walls of the V-Configuration (framing/bracketing the vital zone width) and releases an arrow at the now sighted-in for known range.   (See Image K above)

This is a deadly accurate, quick, simple and inexpensive technique, especially in the application of bowhunting.  Stadiametric ranging has been used in military applications for over 100 years, and now … it belongs to bowhunting. 

In Summary

The EZ V Sight’s patented V-Technology is the first Bowhunting Sight that mathematically eliminates the necessity of pre-ranging distance by combining the precision calculated average vital zone width of all regulated hunted game species (X-Axis) with a computer generated trajectory curve (arrow arc) of your bow’s Feet Per Second speed (Y-Axis) on a V-Shape configuration creating a 1-step aiming and ranging process or what we like to call …“Frame It… & Claim It”!

The speed of your bow determines the trajectory curve of your arrow’s path. The faster your bow, the shorter the V-configuration. Once the speed of your bow is determined, so is the trajectory curve. The configuration of the V is designed to match that trajectory curve.

When the V is raised to the degree where the inner walls of the V encompass the width of the vitals, the elevation of your bow’s trajectory path is matched. Thus, ranging distance is no longer relevant!  Bull’s Eye Every Time!

Not only is the V-Technology deadly accurate as a distance-ranging bow sight, but it also maximizes perfect shot placement in 1/10th the time of a traditional pin sight all in one-step.

But that is just the beginning of the benefits and problems solved that come with the EZ V Bow Sight:


It’s your Choice!

Shoot as a Pin Sight


Shoot Using the Distance Ranging V-Technology

Shoot as a Pin Sight

This sight was built for bowhunting which is why we sight-in on a life-size-vital-zone-paper-target.  (See images L – N below)

It’s the vital zone width of the animal that turns this ordinary pin sight into a stadiametric distance ranging sight system specifically in the application of bowhunting, thus, the “World’s First Bowhunting Sight”.

Without that, you still have yourself the best “pin” sight ever built.  Why? It turns out that the open-view picture solves many more problems in bowhunting that we could have ever imagined (hang on, we’ll will get there).

IMAGE O below illustrates how each pair of Stadia Tick-Marks represent your 20-yd, 30-yd, 40-yd, etc. “pins”.

Just like a pin sight, the pairs of Stadia Tick-Marks must be sighted-in to set your distances in 10-yard increments. Sighting-in is EZ but crucial! So, follow the directions carefully!

How to Sight-In Video Tutorial

.PDF How to Sight-In Directions

Once your 20-yd, 30-yd, 40-yd, etc. pairs of Stadia Tick-Marks are sighted in according to the Sight-In Instructions , you can shoot using the traditional pin sight method but even better!

Simply center the intended arrow impact point between the applicable pair of Stadia Tick Marks.  The arrow will impact perfectly dead center between the two. (See Images P – Q below)

For example, if your target is a red bullseye dot at 20-yards, simply raise the “V” until the intended arrow impact point (red bullseye) is centered between the pair of 20-yd Stadia Tick Marks.  (See Image P above).  Your arrow will impact dead center between the pair of 20-yd Stadia Tick-Marks. 


(1) Range the red bullseye dot;

(2) Center it between your pair of 20-Yd Stadia Tick-Marks, and

(3) Shoot!

Repeat for the same results at 30-yds, 40-yds, 50-yds, etc.  (see Images Q & R above).   

Size doesn’t matter when shooting using the pin sight method! (See Images S – U below)

The bowhunter must simply practice the skill of centering (bracketing) the circumference/width of the intended arrow impact point (red dot) between the applicable set of Stadia Tick-Marks (20-yds, 30-yds, etc.)

In summary, you have absolutely nothing to lose shooting the EZ V as a pin sight …. but so much to gain.  We are just getting started.

Read on to learn more.

For additional illustrations visit HOW TO FRAME THE VITALS

Shoot Using Stadiametric Distance Ranging V-Technology

Images V – X below The images below illustrate how to frame the Deer’s vitals at 20-Yds Using the Distance-Ranging V-Technology. Literally…. Frame it… & Claims it! No Rangefinder Required!

You only need to do 4 things in order to experience the math-magical distance-ranging V-Technology of the EZ V Bow Sight.

     1.  Choose the correct FPS V-Insert for your bow’s actual Feet Per Second.    How to Choose Correct FPS V-Insert

     2.  Sight-In just as you would a pin sight (read the directions, please!).  How to Sight-In

     3.  Know the width and location of the animal’s vital zones; &…

     4.  Literally… Frame It & Claim It!

Once your EZ V Sight is properly sighted-in, you will be able to shoot accurately from any distance without the use of pins! Simply frame the vitals between the inner-walls of the V and shoot in the middle!

As a bowhunter, you already know and understand the width and location of the animal’s vitals regardless of whether you are shooting a pin sight or shooting the EZ V Bow Sight’s stadiametric Distance-Ranging V-Technology.

Once you trust the unbelievable accuracy of the Distance-Ranging V-Technology, you’re ready to “Go Pro”! “Going Pro” means getting rid of the stadia Tick-Marks (Pin Sets) by flipping your V-Insert around. This is where the MATH-MAGIC happens!

Once you are sighted-in with the correct FPS V-Insert, you don’t need the stadia Tick-Marks (Pin-Sets)! Just “Frame it … & Claim It”….literally.

Don’t over think this awesome auto Distance-Ranging V-Technology. It’s deadly accurate whether you are shooting it as a pin sight or using the Distance-Ranging V-Technology. What are you waiting for?! Go Pro!

Framing the Vital Zone Images & Explanations

 No More Target Panic

Open-View Sight Picture

The V-Technology’s unobstructed open-sight-view significantly alleviates target panic associated with trying to release the arrow simultaneously with holding steady a bobbing sight pin. You will naturally, instinctively and instantaneously experience unprecedented consistent shot placement at any random distance without the necessity of pre-ranging distance.

Target panic is a crippling psychological and perhaps a neurological condition experienced by many archers, both competitive and recreational.  It is also reported to be one of the primary reasons for abandoning his/her passion for bowhunting.

Target panic is reported to be caused by the way in which the brain learns at a neurological level when the arrow is brought into the aiming “bullseye” sight view of the intended target.  It stems from anticipating the arrow’s intended impact point when the impact point is covered by a bobbing and blurry pin sight.

In other words, how uncomfortable and difficult would it be for one to accurately bowl a strike blindfolded? How about a baseball, golf ball, or any other projectile sport?  That sense of blindness results in a neurological conflict within the brain of anticipating a shot.  Anticipating the shot causes you to react by punching the trigger, flinching, or shooting too soon, and it can become a reflex.

Now for the good part… The open- view sight picture of the V-Technology has been reported by countless bowhunters to significantly alleviate, or even totally resolve this condition because the brain can now use its sense of sight to “see” the intended impact point.  The anxiety and anticipation of the sight is calmed, and the bowhunter’s confidence in the accuracy of the shot is restored. 

Thus, with the anxiety of anticipating the shot gone, bowhunters are reporting that the patented V-Technology has brought the “fun” back to bowhunting and are gearing-up again at their favorite sporting goods stores. 



Blocking the impact point of the intended target with a pin literally blocks the mind!    Read that again… blocks the mind…. thus, prohibiting the shooter from utilizing the brain’s natural and instinctual focus, concentration and clarity. 

The V-Technology UN-blocks the brains super computer capabilities by UN-covering the intended impact point of the target.  Once that path is cleared with the V-Technology’s open-sight shot view, mental clarity is instantaneous allowing that calm, instinctual, and repetitive delivery of the arrow’s arch to land precisely into the center of the “bulls eye” …. not just once… but every time. . .

No more target panic equals an unprecedented 75% – 100% improvement in accurate and consistent shot placement.

Even better…. the improvement is immediately experienced upon proper setup and sight-in – which equals double the fun!

EZ V Bow Sight shooters don’t have to wait until that fatal shot opportunity arises before experiencing the benefits – it comes right out of the box!  

It’s simply Math-Magical.



Bowhunters approaching their (50s) fifties are retiring from bowhunting simply because their aging eyes can no longer see their pins on their pin sights.  The condition called presbyopia, usually begins in the early to mid-40’s and is also known as “pin faze” or “halo covering”.  Like staring into the sun, the target point is blurry and accurate aiming ability is uncertain.

These 40’s and older generations have reported to us that having to retire from bowhunting has been a devastating reality with no real solution…. until now… and here’s how….

The V’s math-magical open-sight picture does it again…. With no more blurry/fuzzy pins to overcome the open-view picture restores target clarity keeping bowhunters bowhunting for years to come.  We love this part because our next generation bowhunters need you to stay in the game!

About Sapphire Series V-Inserts

Maximizes Low Light Shot Conditions

Hunger is NOT an option with our Dazzling but Deadly Sapphire Series V-Insert, inspired by our Treasure State’s famous Fancy Montana Sapphires.

Choose between a rainbow of vibrant-sparkling- and sun-catching colors, including Sapphire Green, Sapphire Orange & Sapphire Ruby and you’ll be ready to seize the moment that matters about 10 minutes earlier and 10 minutes later. 

Here’s why…

Captures, Stores & Releases Natural Light – Glow in the Dark Effect

The compound material makeup of these stunning new V-Inserts absorb and store natural light energy, and upon removal of the light source (sun), the energy is released as visible light with a ‘glow in the dark’ effect. 

The ‘glow in the dark’ effect, coupled with the V-Technology’s open-view design, greatly increases the time opportunity to make a clear and ethical vital zone shot several minutes earlier than dawn and before dusk when we know these nocturnal animals are most likely to show themselves.  

Fiber optic pins require you to block the vital zone impact point resulting in “pin faze” or “halo covering” especially in low light conditions, which greatly increases the risk of a missed or unethical shot placement. 

Again, and again…. The open-view design of the V-Technology solves this problem!  Why risk it?!

Maximizes Ground Blind View

Much like a Fancy Montana Sapphire, the transparency of this V-Insert material and color combo cause the V-Insert’s Stadia Tick-Marks (pins) to illuminate in dark ground blinds.  Awesome.

Indestructible but Flexible

The new material makeup of the Sapphire Series V-Inserts remains indestructible yet now flexible just enough to easily and swiftly swap out V-Inserts as necessary for FPS adjustments (equipment or arrow changes).

Plus…. these brilliant Sapphire Series’ colors are sure to turn-heads and turn your bow into a Super Model without costing you a pile of cash. 

Luminescent Glow Rings

But we didn’t just stop with the Glow in the Dark V-Inserts….

We decided to “Hum V” your EZ V with our Luminescent Glow Rings.

Like the V-Inserts, the EZ V Luminescent Scope Ring is a light-gathering, illuminating, glow-in-the-dark like, Snap-On scope ring.  It enables even more low-light condition shot opportunities.  Plus… it just looks dang cool!

Every EZ V Bow Sight Package includes the pre-installed Luminescent Scope Ring in the same color as your chosen V- Insert color. 

But, if you are looking to switch it up, here ya go!

50 State Legal

Here is one more problem you can cross of your list….


(1) No batteries required.

(2) Maximum illumination for shooting in low light conditions.

It’s ALL true!  Every word of it!

EZ V Bow Sight Advantages

  • Mathematically Pre-Ranges Distance
  • Aligns Aiming Point with Precision Shot Placement in 1 Step & 1/10th the Time of a Traditional Pin Sight
  • Only 1 V-Technology Insert required for all Regulated Hunted Game Species
  • Mathematically Perfect “Pin Sight” for any Spot Target and/or all Regulated Hunted Game Animals
  • Eliminates Human Error of Accurately Ranging Distance
  • Precision Shot Placement at Random Distances without the Use of Pins or Rangefinders
  • Tick-Marks (Stadiametric Rangefinding) Enable Use as a Traditional Pin Sight, but Better
  • Unobstructed Open-View Immediately Alleviates Target Panic
  • No More Fuzzy/Fragile Fiber Optic Pins for Aging Eyes
  • Pre-Installed Luminescent Scope Ring (snap on) Included for Low Light Shooting Conditions
  • Maximum Low Light Shooting Conditions – Sapphire Series V-Tech Insert Gathers and Captures Natural Light Enabling Extremely Low Light Shooting Conditions
  • Sighting-in takes just minutes (read the directions!)
  • 1,000x Stronger than Fiber Optics
  • Right Hand/Left Hand Reversible
  • Weight – 5.9 oz
  • Lifetime Warranty – Made from Indestructible, Machined Aluminum
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee