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EZ V SeVen – Sapphire Series Bow Sight

Distance Ranging V-Technology – How it Works

The EZ V Bow Sight is a mathematically- perfect, distance-ranging compound bow sight built on a stadiametric rangefinding system.

This patented distance-ranging V-Technology perfectly and mathematically ranges distance for most regulated hunted game species. No more guessing. No more rangefinder.

What is Stadiametric Rangefinding?

Stadiametric distance ranging is a method of ranging in which by using a reticle with stadia marks of a known angular spacing it can be used to find either the distance to objects of known size or the size of objects at a known distance. In either case, the known parameter (vital zone width) is used in conjunction with the angular measurement (trajectory curve), to determine the correct distance to the target quickly and within 5% margin of error.

Although stadiametric rangefinding is not a new concept, it is the first time it has been used in the application of bowhunting.

But that is just the beginning of the benefits that come with the EZ V Bow Sight:  EZ V Bow Sight Learn More


  • Mathematically Pre-Ranges Distance
  • Aligns Aiming Point with Precision Shot Placement in 1 Step & 1/10th the Time of a Traditional Pin Sight
  • Only 1 V-Technology Insert required for all Regulated Hunted Game Species
  • Mathematically Perfect “Pin Sight” for any Spot Target and/or all Regulated Hunted Game Animals
  • Eliminates Human Error of Accurately Ranging Distance
  • Precision Shot Placement at Random Distances without the Use of Pins or Rangefinders
  • Tick-Marks (Stadiametric Rangefinding) Enable Use as a Traditional Pin Sight, but Better
  • Unobstructed Open-View Immediately Alleviates Target Panic
  • No More Fuzzy/Fragile Fiber Optic Pins for Aging Eyes
  • Pre-Installed Luminescent Scope Ring (snap on) Included for Low Light Shooting Conditions
  • Maximum Low Light Shooting Conditions – Sapphire Series V-Tech Insert Gathers and Captures Natural Light Enabling Extremely Low Light Shooting Conditions
  • Sighting-in takes just minutes (read the directions!)
  • 1,000x Stronger than Fiber Optics
  • Right Hand/Left Hand Reversible
  • Weight – 5.9 oz
  • Lifetime Warranty – Made from Indestructible, Machined Aluminum
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

EZ V Sight Package Includes

  • EZ V Bow Sight
  • Luminescent Scope Ring (Same Color)
  • V-Inserts – 200 FPS, 220 FPS, 240 FPS, 250 FPS, 260 FPS, 270 FPS, 280 FPS, 290 FPS, 300 FPS (Sold Separately – 310 FPS, 320 FPS, 340 FPS, 360 FPS, 380 FPS)
  • V-Technology Insert Selection Chart
  • Practice Paper Target
  • Sighting-In Instructions & Finally…
  •  A whole bunch of fun!

V-Insert Size Chart

Additional information

Weight N/A

Black, Green Annodized Camo


Left, Right

Sapphire Series Color

Sapphire Green, Sapphire Orange, Sapphire Ruby

22 reviews for EZ V Bow Sight Package

  1. Denny

    It was surprisingly easy to use, I can only compare my shooting improvement to the difference it made putting apperature sights on my 3030 instead of buckhorn. The sight naturally centers on what you are looking at. Easier to use and tighter groups.

  2. Murray J Thompson

    Slick! Ye olde 70s eyes do need a bump in the night when hunting under low light. These are a no-brainer. I buy the set, chronograph the bow, went one step up, preset windage based on old sights, and started the sight-in process. Minor adjustments for windage and elevation. I started walking back the yardage while shooting a 18″ crossbow target, not the paper target supplied with the kit. The tick marks on the sight were dead on the money. I’ll begin random ranging next with the furnished target. I did buy a couple extra ranging targets. Bow used is Mathews Z7 Tactical Extreme.

  3. Justin Dodge

    Absolutely incredible customer service as well as shipping time. Recommend this company more than any others I have worked with in the past by far. Thank you Aaron!

  4. Matt Wagoner

    Set up was fairly easy, using the video tutorials was absolutely a must I found that I actually have a better understanding of how & why this system works after following the set up process . I did find that I needed to move down 1 insert after the sight in process. I have been shooting a single pin slider for over 25years & feel like a fairly good marksman, & I have never been as accurate as I would like to be until now. Shooting the Easy V has increased my accuracy significantly, & I have never felt more confident in the field. The Service, & ability to do business with a Local American Company that is providing a product that does exactly what it advertises has made me a life time customer, & intend to promote this product to all of my friends & any one that is looking to improve their Bow Hunting Experience.

  5. Daniel Holly

    Absolutely love the V!!!!! It super easy to set up and adjust. Almost from shot one it was hitting vitals. Frame the vitals and let it fly, it really does take the worry out of making a clean shot. Absolutely love it and I’m now a unpaid employee because I’m trying to sell it to everyone….lol thank you for making a amazing sight.

  6. Preston Holt

    I have a 7 series I bought from Aaron last year. Although I have not gone pro, I love the redundancy between the range finding for close in and range Finder for anything past 30 where I can get away with the movement. Target panic is gone, no more punching the trigger. The only punching is my arrow punching through the lungs on 9 deer last season. Bravo Aaron, well done!

  7. Charles Culp

    Awesome Sight! Everyone in my family now shoots it! Great customer service. Highly recommend this sight for beginners or the Veteran shooter.

  8. Myles Fillier (verified owner)

    Ive had my bow for a couple years and i have had a real hard time getting good results i got so frustrated to the point that I stopped shooting at all i saw this sight online and thought after a year of not shooting I would give it a try and all I can say is wow i got i in the mail today and decided to test it out right away i was on paper with the provided target and for the first time i was able to stretch out to 30 yards and make a kill shot! I feel my confidence coming back and i am hoping with lots of practice i may get my chance to take a moose with my bow this fall and possibly a black bear which has been a dream of mine and i feel with this sight i will be able to get the job done (i have tried many different pin sights with no success with alot of lost arrows and i also had trouble getting past 10 yards and this sight got me making dead on shots at 30 yards it’s revolutionary ) 11/10 stars

  9. Nicholas Schloesser (verified owner)

    Amazing sight! Shooting awesome groups at 50-60 yards with average coffee can size remember you are not going to precision shots. Solid groups and kill shots. This sight takes away a lot of stress I had with pins.

  10. Ted meves (verified owner)

    I’m 77 years old shoot a Parker force multiplex @62 lbs 29 inch draw 463 gain arrow @
    246 avg.did the arrow measure of 3 .3/4 inches 3 shots right left good but low changed v to next higher done all arrows where I wanted and at 23 yards the size of the end of a pepsi can any easier and it would of done it’s self If you are a bow hunter this is the sight for you it’s great . TNT guide Ted. Meves

  11. Ted meves (verified owner)

    Great sight very easy to set up and use if you are a bow hunter and don’t have one or tried it you are missing the boat I’m 77 and have been a guide and a bow hunter for 65 years .guide for 20 .this sight is amazing

  12. Paul Gwinnup

    Been using this sight two seasons and have shot six deer with it. Recently missed a doe at 20 yards, which really shook my confidence. So I switched back to a pin style sight. I cannot tell you how anxious I was walking around the woods with that pin sight, not knowing what yardage I may see a deer. With the V, you have a built in range finder so I never experienced that anxiety. After less than stellar groups pin shooting 3d targets and the anxiety noted above, I put the V back on. Shot four arrows at yardages from 10-45, did not range shots until after, and different shot angles quartering/broadside. All four arrows almost touching double lung hits. I should not have doubted the V, my miss is on me rushing the shot it was not the sights fault. My confidence has been restored and I’ve since ordered more products from EZ V. Now to check the return policy on this fancy pin sight LOL!

  13. Rich

    Love the sight. Easy to use for ageing eyes. I us it as a pin sight but it is great. Best I’ve shot in years.

  14. Robert Cordell

    My kids bought the EZV for me for fathers day this year and it took me about 10mins to put the site on and get it aligned based on my bow speed. I took 3 shots at 20yds & first shoot I took at 30yds was a 10 ring. I started looking at the site because I was having issues with the fiber optic pins star bursting to much at low light and this really make that issue go away, looking forward to connecting on a good buck this year using it…. I also love the fact that its made in USA!!

  15. Jeremy Mecham

    I just received my EZ V package this morning and I’m blown away! I was a bit worried that it may be a gimmick despite the online praise, and I was worried that if it wasn’t a gimmick I still wouldn’t be comfortable using it for my Utah hunt coming up in 5 days. Within 20 minutes I was sighted in and comfortable with it, 50 shots later on my 3D buck I have total confidence and know I’ll be using this thing forever, no more pins or adjusting wheels for yardage. Clean sight picture, fast target acquisition and shots, and deadly accurate at every distance I’ve been able to try out to 40 yards. I shoot 585 grain arrows, 22% FOC, using the 240 V insert, sighted the top hash to 25 yard zero as recommended by others using adult arrows.

  16. rkobres@msn.com

    This is my 3rd season deer hunting. I started with a 5 pins sight the first year and missed 4 deer in archery season 2 from and stand 2 on foot, bad target panic. My second bow season I switch to a slider but still missed 3 deer that season all on foot, just couldn’t range find and make a steady shot in time. This summer I got the EZV and practiced with it tons all summer. So far this archery season I have harvested 3 nice doe 2 on foot with out range finding and one from the saddle. My hope is this sight and a ton of practice will help me transition to full time bow hunting and not need the rifle or shotgun anymore in a few years.

  17. Jimmy

    My wife got this for me for Christmas, She couldn’t wait, as its currently Fall Turkey season still in Utah. She gave it to me and I watched every single video I could, then set up with the 250 ring. I sighted at 20, and then tried 30, 40 and so on. I felt weird at first, adjusted multiple times. I was scared and confused, my groups opened up. I called and spoke to Aaron for about a half hour. He educated me on some tips of use for Focusing on the place you want the arrow to go. After about 6 shots, the 20,30 and 40 stacked on top of each other. I know I have the right insert, its just a tiny adjustment up and dead center. Now, I am debating trying to go pro.

    5Stars for Customer service, accessibility, understanding, and product build. Even if I go back to pins someday (Since I am limited to 60 on the V. I will keep it forever. I want to get my nephew lined up on this type of sight. He would benefit to learn from an early age and be deadly on those thunder chickens.

  18. Jason T.

    First, I am VERY new to archery. I picked up a bow for the first time maybe 2ish months ago. Second, this thing was a piece of cake to install and sight in. It literally took me 5 minutes. Total! The videos are super helpful and walk you through step-by-step. It’s everything as advertised. I would recommend this product and absolutely buy this again.

  19. Adam

    So I ordered this in December, however It’s been so darn cold, I haven’t been able to take the bow out and give this a try till last weekend. Let me tell you what from install to sighting to hitting 2 to 3 inch groups at 40 yards( max I can do in my yard) was done in maybe 45 minutes. I’ve been looking at this sight for about a year before I bought it and honestly was very skeptical, but let me tell you what I was very surprised by how well I took to this sight! My bow shoots about 274 FPS with a 340 spine arrow about 512 grains. I used the 270 insert and it’s spot on, I’m so excited to used this come October and I’ll be shooting like a fiend till then. Im considering getting another one for my friend who struggles with target panic, the EZ V mitigates most of those problems and i cant wait to see how much better he shoots with his. Aaron and his crew have made a fantastic product and you will not be disappointed. Thanks guys and fantastic job!

  20. Charity Doane

    Holy smokes y’all! Why have I not switched sooner?? I am doing a complete new set up on my bow for this season and chose the EZV package in red. I literally just put it on and went outback and shot in the dark, while my husband held the flashlight… WOW!!! Nailed the target like a darn pro lol. First thing out of my mouth was “Oh My God, are you serious?” When we got out to the target and I actually realized I hit darn near dead center, first shot! He said “well what do ya think?” I said “this is sickening” haha now impatiently waiting to shoot more and actually in day light 🤪 best purchase I’ve made yet for my bow. The ONLY reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is due to the color options. Other than that my review is nothing but awesome! This sight is worth every Penny! Darn good sight for the money, very light weight, and NO BULK to your bow, which is love! My old sight was an Axcel 5 pin and was very bulky and compared to EZV, much heavier! Super easy to install. Amazed at how easy it was to shoot and get the measurements needed to add to my bow. No more pins no more bulk no more weight! Thank you EZV! Will definitely be spreading the word 🤘🏻

  21. Clayton

    All you have to do is line up your pin on sight chart put the recommended insert in and and your shooting good groups amazing product truly does work.

  22. Nik cronin

    Shipped super fast. Out of the box it took exactly 3 arrows to have this sight MOSTLY dialed in. It took me a couple hours to fine tune the sight. My only complaint is the lack of micro adjustments. In 2023 there is almost zero reason for a bow sight to not be micro adjustable. Other than that it perform as stated and I’m making hits out to 60yards with ease. I’m recommending this sight to all my friends.

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