Introducing EZ V SeVen Sapphire Series Bow Sight


All Backorders will include the EZ V SeVen Sapphire Series Sight Package with a color option of Sapphire Green or Sapphire Orange.

Due to the current production and release of the EZ V SeVen Sapphire Series Bow Sight, we are experiencing an approximate two week delay in shipping.  We apologize for any inconvenience, and we expect to have all BACKORDERS shipped between July 15th and July 30th as well as running at full capacity. Thanks for your support and patience during this transition process!  We appreciate you!   

EZ V SeVen Sapphire Series Sight Advantages

  • Mathematically pre-ranges distance AND aligns aiming point with precision shot placement in 1-step and in 1/10th the time of a traditional pin sight
  • 1 V-Insert for ALL regulated hunted game species
  • Indestructible & mathematically perfect “pin sight” for ANY target & ALL regulated hunted game animals
  • Eliminates human error of accurately ranging distance
  • Precision shot placement at random distances without the use of pins or rangefinders
  • Tick-Marks enable use as a traditional pin sight – but better
  • Unobstructed open-sight-picture alleviates target panic
  • No More fuzzy/fragile fiber optic pins for tired eyes
  • Sapphire Green or Sapphire Orange V-Inserts for maximum low light shooting/hunting visibility conditions
  • Indestructible Machined Aluminum – weighs only 6.2 OZ
  • 1,000 times stronger than fiber optics
  • Sight-in takes minutes
  • RH/LH Reversible
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  •  Lifetime Warranty

EZ V Sight Package Includes

  • EZ V Sight
  • V-Inserts – 200 fps, 220 fps, 240 fps, 250 fps, 260 fps, 270 fps, 280 fps, 290 fps, 300 fps (310 fps and 320 fps V-Inserts sold separately)
  • Sight-In Instructions
  • V-Insert Selection Chart
  • Practice paper target

EZ V Sight V-Insert Size Chart

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Black, Green Annodized Camo


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Sapphire Series Color

Sapphire Green, Sapphire Orange