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World’s First Bowhunting Sight

Distance Ranging V-Technology – How it Works

The EZ V Bow Sight is a mathematically- perfect, distance-ranging compound bow sight built on a stadiametric rangefinding system.

This patented distance-ranging V-Technology perfectly and mathematically ranges distance for all regulated hunted game species.  No more guessing.  No more rangefinder.

What is Stadiametric Rangefinding?

Stadiametric distance ranging is a method of ranging in which by using a reticle with stadia marks of a known angular spacing it can be used to find either the distance to objects of known size or the size of objects at a known distance. In either case, the known parameter (vital zone width) is used in conjunction with the angular measurement (trajectory curve), to determine the correct distance to the target quickly and within 5% margin of error.

Although stadiametric rangefinding is not a new concept, it is the first time it has been used in the application of bowhunting.

Stadiametric Rangefinding in the application of bowhunting works like this:

(1.) Feet Per Second Trajectory Curve = Angular spacing matched with trajectory (See Image A Above)

(2.) Distance Stadia Marks =Distance in 10-yd increments: 20-yd, 30-yd, etc. (See Image B Above)

(3.) Width Dimension of Target = 13.5 in. Vital Zone Width (See Image C  Above)

1. Feet Per Second Trajectory Curve

First, we created a computer- generated trajectory curve of your bow’s FPS (Y-Axis) and built it on a scaled V-Shape configuration now known as our V-Technology V-Inserts (See Image D below).

Image E above illustrates how the speed of your bow (Feet Per Second) changes the trajectory curve of your arrow’s flight path to the animal’s vital zone impact point at known distances.

Notice how the arch of the V-Configuration is different from the 200 FPS V-Insert and the 300 FPS V-Insert demonstrating trajectory curves variances at different speeds. (See Image F & G below)

One (1) of our fourteen (14) computer generated V-Insert speeds will match your bow’s actual Feet Per Second.

FPS V-Insert Size Chart  

It is important to note that your bow’s factory rated speed will be different than your bow’s actual FPS.  Again, matching your bow’s actual  speed to the proper V-Insert is #1 key to the distance-ranging V-Technology!

2. Distance Stadia Tick Marks

Like any instrument equipped for stadia work, the V-Insert has two horizontal stadia marks spaced equal distance from the center of the V-Configuration (See Image H below).  

The top pair of Stadia Marks represent your 20-Yd “pins” moving down the V-Configuration to 30-Yds, 40-Yds, etc. 

3. Width of Target = 13.5″ Vital Zone Width

Finally, in the application of the EZ V Bow Sight’s Distance Ranging V-Technology, the assumed standard width of the target = the vital zone width (See Image I). 

When a standard value is assumed for a key target dimension (e.g., animal’s vital zone width = 13.5 inches), stadia marks can be set in the bowhunter’s field of view (V-Insert) which correspond to that dimension (vital zone width) at unknown distance ranges.

In this case, field testing included months of measuring and averaging the vital zone dimensions of several species of game animals including Whitetail deer, Mule deer, antelope, bear, mountain lions, goats and even Big Horn Sheep.  The results were pleasantly surprising.  The vital zone dimensions of most regulated hunted game animals are within 10% of each other. 

We took this now known vital zone width (X-Axis) and designed V-Shaped Inserts matching the known vital zone width measurements at 20-yds, 30-yds, 40-yds, etc.  creating and patenting the World’s First Bowhunting Sight

The bowhunter must simply practice the skill of judging when the stadia marks are framing/bracketing the target. (See Image J above)

At full draw, the bowhunter determines where the target (vital zone width) fits horizontally within the walls of the V-Configuration (framing/bracketing the vital zone width) and releases an arrow at the now sighted-in for known range.   (See Image K above)

This is a deadly accurate, quick, simple and inexpensive technique, especially in the application of bowhunting.  Stadiametric ranging has been used in military applications for over 100 years, and now … it belongs to bowhunting. 

In Summary

The EZ V Sight’s Patented V-Technology is the first Bowhunting Sight that mathematically eliminates the necessity of pre-ranging distance by combining the precision calculated average vital zone width of all regulated hunted game species (X-Axis) with a computer generated trajectory curve (arrow arc) of your bow’s Feet Per Second speed (Y-Axis) on a V-Shape configuration creating a 1-step aiming and ranging process or what we like to call …“Frame It… & Claim It”!

The speed of your bow determines the trajectory curve of your arrow’s path. The faster your bow, the shorter the V-configuration. Once the speed of your bow is determined, so is the trajectory curve. The configuration of the V is designed to match that trajectory curve.

When the V is raised to the degree where the inner walls of the V encompass the width of the vitals, the elevation of your bow’s trajectory path is matched. Thus, ranging distance is no longer relevant!  Bull’s Eye Every Time!

Not only is the V-Technology deadly accurate as a distance-ranging bow sight, but it also maximizes perfect shot placement in 1/10th the time of a traditional pin sight all in one-step.