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 No More Target Panic

Open-View Sight Picture

The V-Technology’s unobstructed open-sight-view significantly alleviates target panic associated with trying to release the arrow simultaneously with holding steady a bobbing sight pin. You will naturally, instinctively and instantaneously experience unprecedented consistent shot placement at any random distance without the necessity of pre-ranging distance.

Target panic is a crippling psychological and perhaps a neurological condition experienced by many archers, both competitive and recreational.  It is also reported to be one of the primary reasons for abandoning his/her passion for bowhunting.

Target panic is reported to be caused by the way in which the brain learns at a neurological level when the arrow is brought into the aiming “bullseye” sight view of the intended target.  It stems from anticipating the arrow’s intended impact point when the impact point is covered by a bobbing and blurry pin sight.

In other words, how uncomfortable and difficult would it be for one to accurately bowl a strike blindfolded? How about a baseball, golf ball, or any other projectile sport?  That sense of blindness results in a neurological conflict within the brain of anticipating a shot.  Anticipating the shot causes you to react by punching the trigger, flinching, or shooting too soon, and it can become a reflex.

Now for the good part… The open- view sight picture of the V-Technology has been reported by countless bowhunters to significantly alleviate, or even totally resolve this condition because the brain can now use its sense of sight to “see” the intended impact point.  The anxiety and anticipation of the sight is calmed, and the bowhunter’s confidence in the accuracy of the shot is restored. 

Thus, with the anxiety of anticipating the shot gone, bowhunters are reporting that the patented V-Technology has brought the “fun” back to bowhunting and are gearing-up again at their favorite sporting goods stores.