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3-in-1 Benefits, 1 Math-Magical Formula

Shoot Using Stadiametric Distance Ranging V-Technology

The images below illustrate how to frame the Deer’s vitals at 20-Yds Using the Distance-Ranging V-Technology. Literally…. Frame it… & Claims it! No Rangefinder Required!

You only need to do 4 things in order to experience the math-magical distance-ranging V-Technology of the EZ V Bow Sight.

     1.  Choose the correct FPS V-Insert for your bow’s actual Feet Per Second.   How to Choose Correct FPS V-Insert

     2.  Sight-In just as you would a pin sight (read the directions, please!).  How to Sight-In Video Tutorial

     3.  Know the width and location of the animal’s vital zones; &…

     4.  Literally… Frame It & Claim It!

Once your EZ V Sight is properly sighted-in, you will be able to shoot accurately from any distance without the use of pins! Simply frame the vitals between the inner-walls of the V and shoot in the middle!

As a bowhunter, you already know and understand the width and location of the animal’s vitals regardless of whether you are shooting a pin sight or shooting the EZ V Bow Sight’s stadiametric distance-ranging V-Technology.

Once you trust the unbelievable accuracy of the Distance-Ranging V-Technology, you’re ready to “Go Pro”! “Going Pro” means getting rid of the stadia Tick-Marks (Pin Sets) by flipping your V-Insert around. This is where the MATH-MAGIC happens!

Once you are sighted-in with the correct FPS V-Insert, you don’t need the stadia Tick-Marks (Pin-Sets)! Just “Frame it … & Claim It”….literally.

Don’t over think this awesome stadiametric Distance-Ranging V-Technology. It’s deadly accurate whether you are shooting it as a pin sight or using the Distance-Ranging V-Technology. What are you waiting for?! Go Pro!