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Shoot as a Pin Sight


Shoot Using the Distance Ranging V-Technology

Shoot as a Pin Sight

This sight was built for bowhunting which is why we sight-in on a life-size-vital-zone-paper-target.  (see images below)

It’s the vital zone width of the animal that turns this ordinary pin sight into a stadiametric distance ranging sight system specifically in the application of bowhunting, thus, the “World’s First Bowhunting Sight”.

Without that, you still have yourself the best “pin” sight ever built.  Why? It turns out that the open-view picture solves many more problems in bowhunting that we could have ever imagined (hang on, we’ll will get there).

The Image below illustrates how each pair of Stadia Tick-Marks represent your 20-yd, 30-yd, 40-yd, etc. “pins”.

Just like a pin sight, the pairs of Stadia Tick-Marks must be sighted-in to set your distances in 10-yard increments. Sighting-in is EZ but crucial! So, follow the directions carefully!

How to Sight-In Video Tutorial

.PDF How to Sight-In Directions

Once your 20-yd, 30-yd, 40-yd, etc. pairs of Stadia Tick-Marks are sighted in according to the Sight-In Instructions , you can shoot using the traditional pin sight method but even better!

Simply center the intended arrow impact point between the applicable pair of Stadia Tick Marks.  The arrow will impact perfectly dead center between the two. (See images P – R)

For example, if your target is a red bullseye dot at 20-yards, simply raise the “V” until the intended arrow impact point (red bullseye) is centered between the pair of 20-yd Stadia Tick Marks.  (See Image P above).  Your arrow will impact dead center between the pair of 20-yd Stadia Tick-Marks. 


(1) Range the red bullseye dot;

(2) Center it between your pair of 20-Yd Stadia Tick-Marks, and

(3) Shoot!

Repeat for the same results at 30-yds, 40-yds, 50-yds, etc.  (see Images P – R above).   

Size doesn’t matter when shooting using the pin sight method! (See Images below)

The bowhunter must simply practice the skill of centering (bracketing) the circumference/width of the intended arrow impact point (red dot) between the applicable set of Stadia Tick-Marks (20-yds, 30-yds, etc.)

In summary, you have absolutely nothing to lose shooting the EZ V as a pin sight …. but so much to gain.  We are just getting started.