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About Sapphire Series V-Inserts

Maximizes Low Light Shot Conditions

Hunger is NOT an option with our Dazzling but Deadly Sapphire Series V-Insert, inspired by our Treasure State’s famous Fancy Montana Sapphires.

Choose between a rainbow of vibrant-sparkling- and sun-catching colors, including Sapphire Green, Sapphire Orange & Sapphire Ruby and you’ll be ready to seize the moment that matters about 10 minutes earlier and 10 minutes later. 

Here’s why…

Captures, Stores & Releases Natural Light – Glow in the Dark Effect

The compound material makeup of these stunning new V-Inserts absorb and store natural light energy, and upon removal of the light source (sun), the energy is released as visible light with a ‘glow in the dark’ effect. 

The ‘glow in the dark’ effect, coupled with the V-Technology’s open-view design, greatly increases the time opportunity to make a clear and ethical vital zone shot several minutes earlier than dawn and before dusk when we know these nocturnal animals are most likely to show themselves.  

Fiber optic pins require you to block the vital zone impact point resulting in “pin faze” or “halo covering” especially in low light conditions, which greatly increases the risk of a missed or unethical shot placement. 

Again, and again…. The open-view design of the V-Technology solves this problem!  Why risk it?!

Maximizes Ground Blind View

Much like a Fancy Montana Sapphire, the transparency of this V-Insert material and color combo cause the V-Insert’s Stadia Tick-Marks (pins) to illuminate in dark ground blinds.  Awesome.

Indestructible but Flexible

The new material makeup of the Sapphire Series V-Inserts remains indestructible yet now flexible just enough to easily and swiftly swap out V-Inserts as necessary for FPS adjustments (equipment or arrow changes).

Plus…. these brilliant Sapphire Series’ colors are sure to turn-heads and turn your bow into a Super Model without costing you a pile of cash. 

Luminescent Glow Rings

But we didn’t just stop with the Glow in the Dark V-Inserts….

We decided to “Hum V” your EZ V with our Luminescent Glow Rings.

Like the V-Inserts, the EZ V Luminescent Scope Ring is a light-gathering, illuminating, glow-in-the-dark like, Snap-On scope ring.  It enables even more low-light condition shot opportunities.  Plus… it just looks dang cool!

Every EZ V Bow Sight Package includes the pre-installed Luminescent Scope Ring in the same color as your chosen V- Insert color. 

But, if you are looking to switch it up, here ya go!

50 State Legal

Here is one more problem you can cross of your list….


(1) No batteries required.

(2) Maximum illumination for shooting in low light conditions.

It’s ALL true!  Every word of it!