Unprecedented Shot Accuracy - Open-View Sight Picture | EZ V Sight

World’s First Bowhunting Sight

The reVolutionary 3-in-1 Distance Ranging Bowhunting Sight

3-in-1 Benefits, 1 Math-Magical Formula



Blocking the impact point of the intended target with a pin literally blocks the mind!    Read that again… blocks the mind…. thus, prohibiting the shooter from utilizing the brain’s natural and instinctual focus, concentration and clarity. 

The V-Technology UN-blocks the brains super computer capabilities by UN-covering the intended impact point of the target.  Once that path is cleared with the V-Technology’s open-sight shot view, mental clarity is instantaneous allowing that calm, instinctual, and repetitive delivery of the arrow’s arch to land precisely into the center of the “bulls eye” …. not just once… but every time. . .

No more target panic equals an unprecedented 75% – 100% improvement in accurate and consistent shot placement.

Even better…. the improvement is immediately experienced upon proper setup and sight-in – which equals double the fun!

EZ V Bow Sight shooters don’t have to wait until that fatal shot opportunity arises before experiencing the benefits – it comes right out of the box!  

It’s simply Math-Magical.